Our females are clear headed well balanced and great mothers. I have females from the Czech Republic and Germany and American Working lines. Their puppies are very well socialized and have great drives for the training. We stand behind all our puppies with a Full Contract and clear bill of health.

Leila z hnedej Skally is sable chezch imported working line from very strong lines. Leila's Sire is Enzo Vom Clausberg and Leila's dam is Alica Zamat Suchno. Leila is a very down to earth dog. She is very smart, friendly and calm. Leila is prepped for her BH and Shutzhund I, However we decided not to proceed with tittling. She loves to play and have fun with the bite work, she shows no hesitation and has full calm grips.

Leila currently has puppies out that are being titled and we keep in close contact with those to check on their progress and all the puppies going out for tittling are doing very very well.